Account Management

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Forex Account managed account is The Best Profitable Forex Account Manager system.

Account manager can help you to manage your account in Forex Market.

Forex Account Management is an online managed account service. We manage your funds in Forex Market.

We Present a Forex Trading System for Professional Forex Investor’s.

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ManasFx Trading, Best Forex Trading System

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How Manas FX Trading work?


STEP 01:-

Please click HERE to open an account. FXTMis the best broker that give withdrawal within short time,

If you have an account already please contact our support HERE.

STEP 02:-

Verify your account by completing all the requirements and follow the instruction,

you need to open a new account, the account type doesn’t usually matter so you can choose any type of account like ECN, Mini ETC

Also the account currency (USD is best, but also EUR, JPY, CHF), Leverage (1:500, 1:100, etc.) and the spread doesn’t matter either.

Most important is you have to investment minimum 10,000 USD or equal

 STEP 03:-

After your account has been opened and funded,

Send to our support of your account number, password and server name then we can start trading on your account.

Now you are ready for Account Management

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Forex Account Management

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